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I mean,  is there anyone out there in Blog-land (or in the real world, for that matter) who doesn’t  break out in a smile when they see a cute baby? The heartstrings of even the most unfeeling human is tugged when chancing upon a bebe.   (Relax grumpy, I said chancing upon,  not toting a 10-pound tot, diapering a dumpling, chasing a cherub, calming a crying creature….) Chance upon we did, when we staged  a baby mini photo shoot and went GAGA-GOO-GOO over these angels!  (All photos are by Toby Adler Photography) untitled-291-Edit Getting this precious bambino to don a hat was a bit challenging. His hand shot up the instant the chapeux came near his head!  But the click of the camera won this round! Sorry darling, maybe we’ll let you win the next one.  This cordoruy  hunter green overalls topping a bronze fisherman sweater is a current grownup fashion look, translated beautifully on the younger set.   untitled-360-Edit-Edit-2


This TEENY-TINY rocks her FINERY like a seasoned pro! Cozy wool shorties embraces her bottom and a pom pom hat tops her head.  Floral element added via the shirt lends an irresistible sweetness factor. untitled-182-2-Edit untitled-176-2-Edit untitled-107-2-Edit This  future fashionista has us swooning!  She showcases some serious style  in a (color of the season) sangria romper and matching cardi.  Sweet embroidered smocking on shirt and softest ribbed leggings complete this look. untitled-594-Edit untitled-557-Edit Baby boy turns Pro Model in this ensemble! Modeling in 90 degree heat AND wearing a wool scarf. Talk about “never let them see you sweat!” untitled-34-3-Edit   untitled-102-3-Edit And here is my most loved and previously blogged about color (refer to previous post TEAL APPEAL, for you confused readers)  TEAL,  shining  like the star she is! untitled-272-2-Edit untitled-268-2-EditDoll meets doll.  Real live one flaunts her fringy hair accessory.  (Take off your babushka head wrap and get with the program, oh nesting one.)     untitled-348-2-Edit-Edit Bribery, in the form of a lollipop…..works every time. untitled-467-Edit untitled-487-Edit Rabbit chic, bunny ears and all! This concludes your baby guide to autumn-wear.  Cradle wishes and  pacifiers dreams. Ta-Ta! Nitza