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Fashion adventures of the kitsch and (almost) famous!

DSC00265This lucky mom and her twin girls recently cashed in on their contest winnings – a  style session with stylist Jessica Zindren. Part of the perks was having the entire shoppe for themselves and as promised, we opened the shoppe exclusively for them.

(Exhibit A: Posh salesperson Sharona, using theatrics and dramatic motions to open the uncooperative gate and lock. Sorry, Blondie, I had to…)



Anyway, these mini fashionistas showcased some serious style of their own. Tzivia’s style is described by Mum (cause she’s Australian) as “funky rockstar”,  while Mera’s is edgy-chic and more classic.


After a quick introduction to the girls and a brief discussion with Mum (still Australian) about their fashion needs and wants, Jessica and her keen eye perused the shoppe’s perfectly curated collections, and zeroed in on some beautiful pieces.


Stella’s military inspired jacket ranks high when juxtaposed with a ballerina tulle midi in navy.


Quick sweater change, Louis Louise, add a glitzy SOUAK belt, and PRESTO, new ensemble.



We love the mixing of Neige prints, (as long as its kept in the same color family). Mera added the Amour fuschia bow because, as she puts it, “it needs a pop of color”.  Told you she’s a natural!

DSC00158Tzivia perfected her bored model stare in this sharp Ava and Lu tunic and skirt.

DSC00141Glitzy double layer peter pan collar Wolf and Rita shirt,  styled to perfection with  floral skirt.


Window shopping in Anais & I mustard and Halo black pom-pom hats.


I have four words for you – Porcupine sleeve Tuchinda sweater!!!


And even with her back to us, Tzivia is posing, check out that leg!

DSC00256Party over and our happy customers leave with their (coveted) Posh bag full of goodies! Thanks JESSICA – You rock!