In 2006, infant and child shopping was stiff, old fashioned, and no fun at all! Itchy frills and ruffles dominated the scene(at least in Brooklyn) and heavy Italian two piece sets were accepted park attire! The word “organic,” was a foreign concept, and easy flirty tunics and leggings were just making it’s debut with limited availability.

So whats a girl to do…? We thought…there has to be a better way! We decided to dig and find…brainstorm and imagine… We visited shows, specialty shops, traveled France and scoured the world for the best in childrenswear. Boy, did we find some special collections! We were so thrilled to find and introduce the very best in latest designers. Suddenly people wanted to know…people were asking…It was original! It was cool! It was different.And watching people dress their children in these magnificent clothes…..priceless !!

We are so humbled that we have gotten to work with some of  the best designers in the business. Brands like Bonpoint, Stella Mccartney, Chloe, Roksanda and Bonton. Fun brands such as Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini and NUNUNU have made us so happy as well. Most of our collections are not just hanging in our shop; they have a story, a past, a history…instant connection; almost like our child. Some have and always will have a place in our hearts.

Our first collection that was so unique and authentic; the amazing Kico kids! Designed and created by Tia Cibani and Kitty Pu, it has been one of the most original children’s collections in the market. Anyone who has shopped this collection by us can attest to that. When Tia and Kitty decided to take a small break in 2013 it was like they had pulled a baby away from us. We cannot wait to one day bring you back this child of ours. (are we being way to sentimental)?



Some looks from the Kico Kids collection.


Another awesome collection that is like another child of ours is Neige. Created and designed by Adrienne Catarina, Neige is the sweetest collection made of the finest details (just like it’s designer). Soft liberties, silks, japanese fabrics and wools create beautiful dresses, shirts and skirts. It has become a Posh trademark and customers come from all over to shop this wonderful brand. Adrienne started out as a designer for Vera Wang and has graduated into creating this wonderful sought after brand. It’s French feel and attention to detail has made it a customer favorite.



Some looks from the Neige collection.


And so our journey to collect the very best and bring our customers a taste of France,Belgium and Milan has become a thrill. Our mission is to make our customers truly happy and dress their children in a beautiful and unique way. We hope that everyone who walks into Posh feels our love, loves our clothes, and loves to dress their children just like we do. Posh isn’t just another shop; We are a concept store…an experience!

We hope you can visit us in Brooklyn (warning: due to the many customers passing through, the store is not always so perfectly displayed as seen in photos ☺️☺️). And if you are a new customer- introduce yourself! Say Hi! Because shopping in Posh becomes a lifelong addiction, and if you’ll be visiting often we may as well be friends:)Until next time, all of us at posh. Xo

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