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So the lesson I learned the other night from two cuties during an amatuer stint as a fashion photographer is as follows:   If all people could become fast friends as quickly and naturally as two little girls, well, the world would be a better place.   Basically, it went down like this:

“C meet T……….T, this is C.  We’re gonna do a quick photo shoot to showcase some of the new clothes from the fall collection that just arrived at Posh.”

And the next thing you know, C and T are inseparable buds, whose  natural camaraderie and energy is dazzling and infectious.

But back to the fashion part…………… Teal, also known as turquoise in some parts of the world, (the parts that didn’t graduate Crayola College) is having a moment, so that’s the hue we choose to feature for this shoot. Attire from the  BONTON, MARNI and MAAN collections capture this teal appeal.


on T – MARNI dress, BONTON hat…On C- BONTON sweater coat

T, as usual, wants to climb a tree, and C, without any coaxing, immediately helps hoist her up.


On C – BONTON dress…..On T – MARNI dress

The girls follow each others lead, laughing, posing, playing.   Their antics are adorable. image image image The fact that they are dancing barefoot on twigs and rocks and wearing cashmere head gear and fur coats in the heat of the summer doesn’t seem to phase them at all.


fur jackets by MAAN

image imageYou look mah-velous, dahling! imageSo do you, my dear!

At the end of the half hour shoot, C and T are friends for life! image