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The Whimsical Mini Rodini Collection

      Lions & tigers & bears? Oh my!

Mini Rodini has set the standard for the most creative, out of the box and whimsical collections around! Founded in 2005 by Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children,  imagination, and the sense that anything is possible. Cassandra feels that it  is important that children have clothes that match their own mood and creativity. (Want to pretend your a tall, spotted giraffe in the African Safari?  check. Feeling more mysterious and slithery like a snake? check.)

While the aesthetic of the Mini Rodini design – playful and humorous – may speak to children, the quality of the garment is equally important. Mini Rodini wants to make it both easy and exciting for parents to buy better products for their kids in regards to design, but also be conscious  of environmental and ethical aspects.



Cassandra Rhodin is a recognized Swedish illustrator. She grew up in an artist family, surrounded by painters, actors and filmmakers. Her inspiration is very much drawn from her own childhood but mostly her creativity comes from her own two sons. It was with them that the idea for a new children’s wear brand – Mini Rodini – grew.



Cassandra’s great grandfather was the legendary circus king Brazil Jack- (how cool is that??)  Born Carl Max Alexander Rhodin in 1871 he was the son to two of the most prominent illusionists and artist of their time. At the young age of twelve he ran away with a circus and he spent the late, romantic 19th century, traveling around Europe and performing as the “great circus king”.  The circus undoubtedly played an important part in Cassandra’s childhood and continues to be a never-ending source of inspiration.

We know your kids have been asking if they could join the circus- and here’s your answer- wear some Mini Rodini!!

Cassandra found a picture of her great grandfather in an antique shop, signed “Rodini” on the back, which became the inspiration for the name Mini Rodini. Mini Rodini is in of itself a celebration and homage  to her great grandfathers heritage.

Mini Rodini brings fresh, cool prints to the scene of children’s wear. Giraffes, Panda bears, and bugs are just some of the animals that coexist in their spring 2014 line. Kids of all ages will get to use their imagination and have fun while wearing Mini Rodini!


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Mini Rodini is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brands. Selling in some of the most prestigious department stores and independent shops world-wide, from Harvey Nichols in Kuwait, Selfridges in London and Little Fashion Gallery in Paris. As of now, Mini Rodini is represented in over 400 selected locations and is now sold in Posh! Their creativity and unique designs excite us every season. We can’t wait to see what they will pull out of their hat next!!